Have banks, credit companies, and retailers make targeted, relevant offers for your Payment Power.  Get additional benefits such as extra rewards, points, cashback or special financing from your existing accounts or retail store when selecting the best payment option.

This is accomplished via a smartphone application or online before making the payment.

How it works

1.- Ready to shop

Once you enter the store or are ready to pay confirm your location to receive offers.

2.- Receive Offers

Payment Power will get targeted offers for you and the specific locations from your cards and others.

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3.- Choose Offer

Select the best offer for this purchase and confirm your selection. Payment Power will show the confirmation code .

4.- Pay as you normally do

Swipe or pay online as you normally do.

Would you like to have a tailored made loyalty and payment solution for your clients?

Use our experience to ⚡️ empower⚡️ your ideas y make your customers happy

Payment Power develops and deploys loyalty and payment methods solutions that can adapt easily to your business using our recognized solution to boost your offers.

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